Travel Information

Getting to Telo Surf Villa

High Performance Boat Transfer  8 + 12 Day Package

Telo Surf Villa High Performance Boat Transfer Package Nias Island – Telo Islands – Telo Surf Villa

You first fly into Indonesian city of Medan, Northern Sumatra either via International airports Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or domestically from airports within Indonesia.

Overnight stay at  KNO Airport Hotel Medan

Medan KNO International –GNS Gunung Sitoli Binaka Airport (Nias Is)  (approx. flight time 50 Min)

 Wings/LionAir IW1266  KNO-GNS   07.30 -08.30am 

Wings/LionAir IW1248  KNO-GNS   08.55           

 Notes: Check Airlines for all scheduled flights.            

Please confirm all Medan KNO- GNS Gunung Sitoli Flights with Anne at prior to booking flights please

Guests will be greeted at Gunung Sitoli Airport and transferred in a/c vehicles to Teluk Dalam Harbour.

Transfer to/from Telo Islands via Fast Speed Boat Telo Islands _ Telo Surf Villa.

Transfer from the Gunung Sitoli Nias Airport to the Teluk Dalam Harbour is 2- 1/2 hours

Telo Surf Villa Package to Telo Islands via Fast Speed Boat is approximately 2-1/2 hours. (Weather Permitting)


Departure from Telo Surf Villa

Transfer Fast Speed Boat early morning crossing  from Telo Surf Villa to the Teluk Dalam Harbour Nias Is

Transfer a/c vehicle to GNS Gunung Sitoli  Binaka airport

Depart from GNS Gunung Sitoli  Binaka Airiport Nias Arrive to Medan KNO for connecting International Flights

Note:  Suggested flights for transfer

Lion Air/Wings Air (Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun) GNS-KNO IW 1267 13.00-14.00 

Lion Air/Wings Air (Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun) GNS-KNO IW 1247 14.35-15.35 

Notes: Check Airlines for all scheduled flights.

Not included in Package: Flights, Hotels, International Bank Transfer Fees

Medan Airport Hotel Recommended:   Horison Sky Medan Kualanamu Airport Hotel

It’s is the Guest’s responsibility to check daily flights Medan KNO /GNS/KNO Gunung Sitoli Binaka Airport in Nias

For more info contact Anne,   Boooking Agent: 


Travel Insurance and Documentation

It is Compulsory for guests to have Travel Insurance when they visit Telo Surf Villa.

  • Comprehensive travel insurance including Med E Vac, lost trip days due to unforeseen circumstances, ie
  • weather or emergencies.

  • 2 photo copies of passport (Make sure your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of departure from Indonesia.)
  • Passport, airline tickets, travel info, itinerary and other travel documents are guests responsibility.
  • Airline surcharges on the flight from Medan to Nias for surfboards also guests responsibility

While you’re here

The Telo Surf Villa Guest List is exclusive to our Island

  •  max 10 surfers on the island at any one time
  • Accommodation:
    –   Air Cond King Twin Bedroom (Double)
    –  Modern Western Bathrooms;  including ( 2 x private Ensuites)
  • Families, Special Groups & Customised Parties all accommodated in style and comfort

 Telo Surf Villa Meals 

  •  Delicious meals. Both Indonesian and Western Cuisines are served.

Telo Surf Villa Photo Package and Villa Shop

The Telo Surf Villa Photo Package can be arranged at the beginning of your trip. View amazing snaps of your “snaps” on the Big Screen nightly.

The Telo Surf Villa Shop also has some cool keepsakes or gifts available for purchase such as T- Shirts, Hats, surf items, wax, and/or necessary personal items such as toothbrush/ paste razors etc.

Daily Surfing

We aim to get you into the kind of waves you’re looking for, and we have a great understanding of all the spots, weather, wind and tides they work on.  Each night, we typically sit down and chat about the day ahead, so you can decide how tomorrow will run.

If you want to head out and chase some waves, your day will begin with an awesome outing in Telo Surf Villa’s High performance twin Suzuki 150 hp or 200 hp speed boat.  Our speedboat access a huge variety of surf breaks and each day is different.  Depending on how you’re feeling, we can stay out all day with a packed lunch, or come back for a gourmet delight at the Villa.

Alternatively, if you want to sleep in, or get some tubes out the front, and go for a speedboat ride later in the day when the tides are more favorable for other spots, that’s no problem.  We’ll work around you, and give you the information you need to make the call.

The Telo’s has such a huge variety of surf for all levels of surfers; and has numerous different waves to choose from. It is for all surfers to enjoy.

Telo Surf Villa also has snorkelling gear, basic spear fishing and fishing rods, or you can bring your own not to disappoint.

Travel Checklist.  Don’t forget…

  • A single surfboard day bag, to help provide some protection whilst travelling to waves on our speedboat
  • All cash needs to be brought prior to Telo Surf Villa, as no ATM facilities are available.  Recommend around 5 Million IDR (approx $500 AUD) to cover incidentals.  Money can be exchanged in Australia, or easily withdrawn from ATM’s in Medan.
  • Sunscreen.  Up here on the equator the sun has some serious kick!
  • Light Weight Surf Towel
  • Spare surfboard equipment, i,e, leg ropes, fins and keys,ding repair kit and tropical wax
  • Tropical medications, contact your G.P to arrange suitable preventative measures before travelling
  • Suitable tropical clothing (night/day) & light weight full length pants and shirts for evenings
  • Tropical strength insect repellent
  • Indonesian Electrical Adaptor
  • Sense of Adventure to a surfing wilderness
  • Get Excited.