What are the waves like?

The Surf

We are the only resort in the Telo’s that has direct walking access to one of the most mechanical, perfect barrels you will find anywhere in the world.

A fun, playful barrel that does that same thing, over and over, day after day.  Even if you’re not a charging barrel chaser, you will find yourself at some point coming out of a deep tube, and getting hooted into the channel!

There are so many waves in our region, that cater to virtually any combination of swell and wind.  There are actually too many to name (and we wouldn’t do that anyway!)

Below is a sample of the incredible waves we have within a short speedboat ride away.


The Telo Surf Villa High Performance Speed Boat gives us access to all of the waves around us.  Within a 20 – 40 minute radius there are an uncountable amount of waves to choose from.



Telo Surf Villa Custom Built Marine Fleet

  • 1 x 8.5m Aluminium Twin x 200 hp  Speed Boat
  • 1 x 7.5m Aluminium Twin 150 hp Speed Boat
  • 1 x 7.5m  Fibreglass 85 hp General Staff Use

Crowds, or lack thereof

The Telo Islands does have a number of other resorts in the area.  We all know each other, we all communicate with each other and aim to get everybody’s guests into sessions with as few other people in the water as possible.

As we typically operate smaller groups, it’s also easier for us to slip in and out to score waves by ourselves.  It also means that you’re not turning up in a boat loaded full of guests… even if there’s no one out, your boat is an instant crowd!