The Experience

The Telo Surf Villa Experience

One of the things we do differently at Telo Surf Villa, is tailor your entire experience around “you”.

We recognise that everybody is different, and that surfers of different abilities, riding different equipment, all want to surf different styles of waves.  We know that some people love to sleep in, some people are up for the dawn patrol, so every day with us is designed to work around your schedule, and focus on finding uncrowded waves.

One of the other things unique about us, is that we’re the only resort in the Telo Islands with a perfectly mechanical barreling wave out the front.

Smaller groups, more exclusive, better value.

Because we cater to smaller groups, we can be more flexible with how, where and when we surf each day.  The result is a more personal, exclusive experience, both in and out of the water.  And because our packages are always competitively priced, this makes us INCREDIBLE VALUE!

The Villa

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a house on a tropical island, with a perfect wave right in your backyard, Telo Surf Villa is the house you would have built.

Built by an Australian master carpenter, from locally sourced and milled hardwoods, this Villa has been crafted to perfection.

From the hand crafted board racks, to the luxurious Western bathrooms there is a touch of perfectionist in all the finishings.  The doors close with the firm clunk of a German engineered car, the rooms perfectly sealed keeping mosquitos on the outside of your room, and Everything. Just. Works.

Telo Surf  Villa is positioned on a natural knoll 9 meters above sea level; in addition a mountain path 5 meters at the rear of the property for immediate tsunami evacuation.

Staying at the Villa, you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer, including:

  • 5 x Air Conditioned King Twin Bedroom (Double sized rooms)
  • 5 Modern Western Bathrooms ( including 2 x Ensuites)
  • Spacious Open Recreational, Dining, Bar and Music Areas
  • Full Size Slate Billiard Table  Upper Level TV lounging and Games Zone
  • Three meals per day, including Speciality Indonesian Meals and Western
  • Afternoon hot snack
  • Bottomless water, tea and great Indo Coffee
  • Our Surf Specialist Marine Fleet
  • 1 x 8.5m Aluminium Twin 200 hp Aluminium TV3
  • 1 x 7.5 m Speed Boat 1 x Twin 150 hp_ Aluminium Surf Chaser TV2
  • 1 x 7.5m 85 hp Fibreglass _house staff use TV1

The Villa you wished you’d built, with a wave you’ll dream about after you’ve left

Upstairs and downstairs decks, overlooking the ocean.

IMG_20160717_143642 LOWRES

When you’re not surfing, challenge your mates to a game of pool, or watch a movie on our 55″ TV

Put your feet up in between barrels

Telo Surf Villa - Refreshing Coconuts

More refreshing coconuts than you could ever know what to do with

Within literally 2min, you can be in the water and getting barrelled!