I’m an intermediate surfer, and only get to surf on the weekend these days.  Will I be able to get waves?

Yeah you will!  We have so many waves here for almost every ability, right through to even near beginners.  If you can competently catch waves, stand up and head down the line you will get a great wave count during your time with us at Telo Surf Villa


I often win my local boardriders, am I gonna get shacked?

You certainly will!  We will just about give that a money-back guarantee.*  The wave we have out the front is one of the most mechanical tubes you will find anywhere.  Sit deep, drop in under the lip and style your way into the channel.  Competent tube riders could potentially get hundreds of barrels on a 8 or 12 day trip.

*of course there are no guarantees as pulling in and getting shacked is ultimately up to you!


I’ve seen other websites that list other waves in the Telo Islands.  Do you have more waves than those you’ve listed out?

There are so many waves up here, and we feel that it just wouldn’t be right to publish them all!  Our high performance speedboat can access everything you dream the Telo Islands could and should be, and potentially more.


I’d love to bring my wife/surfing son-daughter/girlfriend.  

Absolutely!  There’s loads to do for non-surfers; who may also enjoy the daily surfing boats excursions with surfers to enjoy recreation.

The Villa itself is a very comfortable, relaxing place for a getaway for people of all ages.  We’ve got great food, drinks, loads of entertainment and recreational areas, and our island is an interesting place to explore.  Whether you’re looking for a little bit of adventure fishing and snorkeling, or just want to chill out, we can cater for all, both in and out of the water.


Is Telo Surf Villa hard to get to?

Access to Telo Surf Villa is via plane, car and boat.  First fly to Medan, then Nias Island, transfer via car from the airport to the harbour and we will meet you there; transfer with high performance boat.

We have so much experience getting people in and out of the Telo Islands that we can make this as easy as possible through our network of local transport guides, drivers, and knowledge of flight schedules.   There’s more detail around this on our Travel Information page.




I’m allergic to crowds.  Are there loads of other boats up there?

There are other resorts and charter boats that sometimes visit the Telo Islands.  We communicate personally with all of them every day, to ensure everyone’s guests get the most amount of time possible in private sessions with their group.  Some of our guests have been truly surprised by how well this works up here.   As they say, respect earns respect and this approach gets everyone more than their fair share of uncrowded sessions.  Also, having a world class wave out the front also helps as it’s easy to paddle out and you can jag sessions to yourself!

Is There Malaria in the Region?

Malaria is present in Indonesia.  At Telo Surf Villa we use fog to minimise the risk on the property, but we also suggest guests to wear sensible loose clothing at night if outdoors.  Consult with your family doctor for advice prior to travel for vaccinations for North Sumatra and Northern Telo Islands, Indonesia.

How many boards should I bring?

We recommend to bring 2/3 boards, your shorter board for the tubes and turns and a step up as we have a mix of high-performance, as well as larger, longer waves as well.  Young grommets, right through to mature surfers will all have a great time surfing in the Telo’s, on the types of waves that suits them. Telo Surf Villa has excellent Long Boards for hire; save bulky transit and not to disappoint for possible non-carriage on Indo Domestic Planes to/from Nias Is.


There always seems to be a Travel Advisory for Indonesia.  

. Indonesia is a huge and rapidly developing country.  Land travel through Indonesia is quite different to travelling in Western countries, but if you’ve been to Bali then you’ll be familiar with the colourful modes of transport you see on the roads and waterways and our area is no different.

In the Telo Islands themselves, the people are friendly and welcoming.  The majority of the people in the Northern Telo Islands are Christian, and of course there are some Muslim people spread throughout the islands also… after all, Indonesia is the largest Muslim population in the world.  Regardless of their religion, all the people here live together in harmony; fishing, working on coconut farms, in Local Government Departments or small shops, all brought together by a simple, oceanside tropical life in a remote set of islands off the mainland of Indonesia.


If I visit Telo Surf Villa, will I win the Lottery?

No, but you will definitely increase your chances of getting lucky!